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7 Ways PES 2018 Is Better Than FIFA 18 – WhatCulture

PES 2018 Camp Nou

You totally shouldn’t just buy PES 2018 so you can take in the breathtaking sights of Barcelona’s Camp Nou or Borussia Dortmund’s Signal Iduna Park. Besides, you’d be saving yourself the hassle of purchasing a subpar football game anyway, right? Why buy PES when EA’s FIFA series is so slick and inviting?

If you’re willing to scratch beneath the surface and look beyond licensing to how many thrills and spills happen on the pitch, then it’s actually Konami who deserve all the plaudits. This year, they’ve produced a much better simulation of the beautiful game than their major rivals, and that’s coming from a writer who was previously so much of a FIFA fan boy that he literally owns the t-shirt.

The commentary in PES is annoying, the licenses practically nonexistent and the gameplay less forgiving, so it’s not hard to see why most footy gamers plump for FIFA instead. If you care at all about playing ‘proper’ football on your console of choice though, then PES 2018 is your best option.

Here’s why…

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